One day, three lighthouses – An excursion of a lifetime

I have a thing for lighthouses. Ever since I saw my first one last year, The Portland Head Light, I have been drawn to them. I’m entranced by their beauty, the strength they epitomize, and the wonder they invoke. I can stand by a lighthouse and look out over the ocean for hours if left to my own devices. There’s just something about being next to these pillars of hope and looking out to the wild sea that makes me feel so alive. The whole world becomes quiet and my mind is finally at peace. For me it’s a form of meditation—the only kind that has ever worked for me. There’s truly nothing else in the world like it.


I knew I needed a lighthouse fix so I did a little research and discovered that there are three lighthouses that are pretty close together and can easily be done in a day—Rockland Breakwater, Owls Head, and Marshall Point. Rockland Breakwater was my first stop.

Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

This lighthouse has easily ranked itself as one of my all-time favorite lighthouses. The lighthouse itself is about a mile offshore, and the only way to get to it is by walking along the long stretch of rocks. Once you get to the end it’s truly a beautiful sight. Just across the bay you can see the island of Vinalhaven, and if you look back to the shore you can see the mountains of Camden Hills State Park. It’s an incredible lighthouse with even more incredible scenery.


Camden Hills State Park

Next up was Owls Head. This adorable little lighthouse is nestled among the trees in such a way that you almost miss it. Being atop Owls Head is like being in a treehouse, but one with such serene views of the sea.

Owls Head

Finally I went to Marshall Point. I knew I had to see this lighthouse since I have seen the movie Forrest Gump easily 50 times. The whole time I was there I had Forrest Gump quotes running through my head in not only Tom Hanks’ voice but my sister’s as well. She’s always been good at impressions and her Forrest Gump is probably one of her best. Since we had watched that movie so many times growing up, I couldn’t help but think of her while I was here and how much I miss my goofy little sister.

Marshall Point Lighthouse

Homesickness aside Marshall Point was such a spectacular lighthouse to explore. In true Maine fashion it’s nestled in the rocks along the shore in a way that seems so natural. It’s as if this spot was made for this lighthouse. I wandered along the rocks and back up to the grassy area just down the path from the lighthouse.

Marshall Point Lighthouse

There I discovered this beautiful monument to St. George and all the fishermen who had lost their lives at sea. As I sat on the bench with the monument to my left and the lighthouse to my right I couldn’t help but feel humbled by the past, and truly inspired for the future.

St. George

Do you have a favorite lighthouse or place that makes you feel like you can conquer anything? What is it? What about it draws you to that place?



  1. You’ve checked a lot off pretty fast after moving here, that’s awesome. After seeing the Nubble for the first time in 2007 I was hooked on Lighthouses. I’d seen some as a kid since I lived only an hour or so from the Jersey shore, but didn’t really get it then. Also, there’s just something about lighthouses in Maine. For me it’s a connection to the past that’ll always be here, I always think about who worked these lights years ago and how even more peaceful it was then. Have you been to Pemaquid Point yet? it’s a little closer to Portland than then three you’ve just seen, another great spot.

    • Thanks, Joe! I have seen Pemaquid…within my first week here. Haha. I have seen a lot in my short time in Maine so far. Just want to take advantage of all Maine has to offer. I do love Nubble though. It’s a great spot and I love walking down the rocks and looking up at the lighthouse across the water. 🙂

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