Nature Hunts

Insta10It’s a rare and lovely thing when Chicago is quiet and devoid of people. This only really happens on weekend mornings. The city is still asleep and recuperating from the previous night’s festivities. It’s a great time to go out and explore the little pockets of nature that are hidden in the city.

Now that I live in The Loop, when I come across a garden or even a little tree I nearly break out into a happy dance. Who knew that a little bit of nature could bring so much joy? There is a certain beauty when you’re walking along the Chicago Riverwalk, skyscrapers on either side of you, and you discover a small tree that was obviously put there on purpose. It’s as if the city is trying to appease people like me by offering a tiny bit of nature.


Insta6Being around nature is such an essential part to my creativity and general well-being that I have to seek it out whenever I can. It is fun going on little hunts for nature around downtown Chicago, but I can’t wait until I’m in Maine and don’t have to hunt for it anymore. In Portland, ME all the streets are tree-lined and little gardens are abundant. As if that weren’t enough either side of the peninsula has its own promenade overlooking the Atlantic Ocean full of lush, green grass and impressively tall pine and oak trees that lead you down to the rocky coast. My week out there this past spring was only a glimpse into how lovely it is to be around so much natural beauty. I can’t wait until that is part of my everday life.

So for the time being I will continue to go on little nature hunts around Chicago, every day bringing me a little closer to Maine.