Learning to listen to your gut instincts

I’m a big fan of listening to your gut instinct. It’s the feeling we all have to either jump in or shy away from something for some inexplicable reason. We don’t always know why our gut is telling us to do/not do something so more often than not we choose to ignore it until it becomes something more concrete. The problem with that is our gut instincts need practice, and to be trusted with smaller things before it can be trusted to handle bigger life decisions.


I once worked with a woman who trusted her gut with everything no questions asked. I remember one anecdote in particular when she told me that she didn’t take a particular road home one night because of a gut feeling.

“There was just something telling me to take a different road home that night. I didn’t know why and I didn’t question it. I just took a different route.”

There wasn’t an accident or any kind of incident that took place that night on that road, but she still didn’t think it was silly to listen to her gut.

“My gut has been right about everything else so who knows what would’ve happened had I ignored it and taken that route home.”


Can everyone have a gut that strong and that right so often? I listen to my gut instincts as often as I can, but there have been times that I’ve ignored it and things have still ended up okay. Was my gut wrong or could the result have been better if I actually listened to it?

I know a lot of people who have fallen out of practice with listening to their gut instincts. I admit that I used to be one of them. It’s especially hard when there is no logic backing it up.

St. George, ME

Whether it’s a belief in God, the universe, or just the power of ourselves you have to admit that there’s something to this gut instinct thing. Everyone at one time or another has felt that gnawing, self-assured voice that yells inexplicably “Yes, this is right, or “No, this is wrong.” Sometimes it asserts itself more meekly—like taking the long way home or running back into your apartment to triple-check that you turned the oven off.

Eventually though your gut will be ready to handle bigger things like deciding which job is going to be the right fit, or where you should live. The question is, are you brave enough to listen to it when it does?



  1. I love your thoughts here. I really think listening to our gut does take practice, starting with small things to build up trust in that undeniable feeling lurking there.

    The more I work with my gut feeling, the more I realize how much I DO know instinctively somehow, but choose to ignore. Once you know the power acting on things you simply “know” to be true. you begin to gain strength in the power of knowing. Knowledge is power they say!

    Good luck on this journey you are on…it is fun to watch it unfold!

    • Thank you! I like following along on your journey as well! 🙂
      I think you’re absolutely right. I think we instinctively know a lot more than we think we do. For some reason trusting our gut instincts is a hard thing for us to do. We think it’s impulsive when really our gut knows something we don’t.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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